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Audit Commmittee

The Audit Committee is a body that controls the activities of the President of the PhD Students’ Union, the PhD Studnts’ Union Board and the Electoral Committee in terms of legality and reliability. Twice during the academic year, the Audit Committee informs he PhD Studnts’ Union Board about the necessary elements of the reports submitted by it, and also applies to PhD Students’ Union Council to accept or reject the report on the annual work of the PhD Studnts’ Union Board. Additionally, the Audit Committee considers election protests. The Audit Committee consists of 5 to 9 people elected by the PhD Students’ Union Council in March or April each year. In the current term it has been established that the Commission consists of 6 people.


Chairperson of the Audit Committee:
mgr Ksenia Wróblewska

Other members of the Audit Committee:
mgr Aleksandra Cetwińska
mgr Hubert Kuliński
mgr Cezary Golędzinowski
mgr Przemysław Oliwa